Friday, February 18, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday!

Aside from this past Monday (February 14th) being Valentine’s Day, it was also Brandon Valentine's 21st birthday. Yes, that’s right...this critic can now sit at a bar and order whatever his heart desires. In case you think that your eyes are playing tricks on you, they are not. You read it right; the last name and the date are one and the same. However, more importantly, Monday was also the birth date of this blog.

Happy belated birthday to B-Val’s Movie Reviews (now Valentine on Film)! This website has now served thousands of fans for one full year (or as all the parents of young ones say, 12 months).

As my baby develops over time, and as I experience its graduation from crawling to taking its first steps, I not only proudly look back on all of the progress that has been made, but also look forward to the following year—not as the terrible twos, but instead as the terrific twos.

Where are me and my reviews headed in ‘05? (Aghast, proper grammar: "my reviews and I")

Well, to answer your question, I have applied to the The Online Film Critics Society (OFCS), and this time around, I made sure that the application was in on time. I am sure the wait until September will prove to be long and arduous, as the anticipation builds to find out if my site and reviews are good enough to gain entry to The Society, but I do know that it will be very tough to garner that type of recognition.

Writers who wish to apply to the OFCS “must maintain an annual online publication quota of at least 50 professional-level reviews, no less than 400 words per review, in order to be eligible for consideration.” Members of the OFCS are awarded free entry into most movie theaters and are automatically qualified to have their words posted through

Hopefully, a bond will soon be built between the OFCS and me, but if not, have no fear...B-Val’s Movie Reviews (now Valentine on Film) will still be here—providing you with extensive film criticism for the bonafide movie buff.

Thanks for your attendance and well wishes.

© Copyright Brandon Valentine 2005